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How does the area of the University of Chemistry and Technology look like? We will show you how to find it, what are its advantages and why is Dejvice area a great place to study.
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Where to live while studying? Dormitory is still one of the best accommodation options, but how to choose the right one? Read more!
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It's important to choose the right faculty, so we looked under the cover of every VŠCHT faculty and we will tell you more about them. You will also have a clear table with study programmes at your disposal.
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University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (in Czech Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze) is a Czech public school which specializes in education and research of chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, ecology and many more. The campus is located in Prague 6 – Dejvice. The university ranks among one of the largest technical chemistry universities in Central Europe and is also one of the oldest ones in this specialization.

The university doesn’t require candidates to pass the entrance exams instead, in order for applicants to be admitted into the university, they need to submit their grades from mathematics and chemistry in the last four end-year reports from high school. Only applicants who are applying for four-year programs, they need to pass a talent exam. This process is the same for all four faculties. Like other major public universities, this one also offers various bachelor’s degrees (for 3 years and rarely four years), master’s degrees (for 2 years), which are a continuation of each bachelor program, and doctor’s degree, which usually lasts for four years. 

What will you learn here?

Known as the most famous university in the Czech Republic for its chemistry studies, which offer incredibly diverse specializations in this field. But don’t be mistaken, chemistry is a main focus of everything here, however, the studies go hand in hand with mathematics, physics and biology. This means that after graduating, you will have basic knowledge of these other fields. But let’s get back to the chemistry.

As you may already know, the university is divided into four faculties, all of which specialize in different fields of chemistry (Chemical technology, Environmental technology, Food and Biochemical technology, and Chemical engineering). This might not tell you much, so let’s describe it more precisely.

If you loved high school chemistry with all these organic, inorganic, polymeric and whatnot teachings, then the Faculty of Chemical technology is probably the best option for you. You will have plenty of it there. On the other hand, if you thought about things like environmental protection or environmental chemistry, then choose the Faculty of Environmental technology. The faculty of Food and Biochemical technology offers diverse specializations regarding food, such as food industrial production, food structure, or measuring the quality of food.  Students can also study other programmes, like forensic analysis, or medicine chemistry. As for the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, it focuses on physics and mathematics the most, so if you want to have a nice balance of analytical chemistry, basics of mathematics and physics, then this one is right for you.

Dormitories and school canteens

University provides students with two dormitories – Volha and Sázava. Both of these dorms are situated in Jižní Město district, which is located in the southeastern part of Prague. The nearby area is occupied with a large meadow and Kunratice forest which offers students a relaxing and peaceful environment.

The university has two school canteens, one which is situated a couple of meters away from the main university building and another inside Volha dormitory. The first canteen is reserved for UCT students during lunch times. As for the second one, the canteen is visited not only by employees and UCT students, but also by VŠE and Charles University students. This fact helps students to build connections and long-lasting friendships.

Why to study VŠCHT?

It’s not a secret that this school is a very attractive option for all chemistry enthusiasts. Most of them even end up studying here. Why is that? It’s mainly thanks to the large variety of subjects and specializations regarding chemistry accompanied by basics of mathematics and physics. What’s more, the campus also offers a great peaceful environment with many students around, not only from UCT, but also from the Czech Technical University. You can also visit a National library of Technology, one of the best study places in Prague. These facts alone will help you gain a strong foundation in a great environment.

Second reason is practice and creativity. This sounds a bit confusing right? Well, what we meant by it is research. All faculties conduct their own research and you can be a part of it. You will test your abilities, knowledge and creativity by trying to conduct research under guidance of professors. This will help you with better thinking and you will also gain some practice. This is what we meant.

List of Prague universities
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The University of Economics
Study at the most prestigious economics school in the Czech Republic. Be surrounded by experts and gain great skills that you will use, for example, when starting a company.
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Czech Technical University
Design a new city, create beautiful buildings and program intelligent machines. We need you for a better future! Create a better environment with technology.
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Charles University
Over 650 years prove its uniqueness, why not be a part of it? Nearly anything can be studied here. Have many opportunities at the largest university in Czechia.
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Czech University of Life Sciences
How to behave in an environmentally friendly way, how to work with natural resources, and how to use technologies in agriculture? Study a school with many expertises.
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University of Chemistry and Technology
Choose one of the interesting progressive fields and use the facilities and laboratories in which you can try everything. The school emphasizes practice and various research.
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