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How does the area of the University of Economics look like? We will show you how to find it, what are its advantages and why is Winston Churchill square area a great place to study.
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Where to live while studying? Dormitory is still one of the best accommodation options, but how to choose the right one? Read more!
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It's important to choose the right faculty, so we looked under the cover of every VŠE faculty and we will tell you more about them. You will also have a clear table with study programmes at your disposal.
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VŠE is a Czech public university, which specializes in economic studies and is located in Prague (faculty of management is located in Jindřichův Hradec). Currently, the university is the largest economics university in the Czech Republic and third largest university in Prague. The school consists of six faculties, where each faculty specializes in different fields of economics, such as accounting, public sector, financial management, financial analytics, statistics etc.

If you wish to be accepted, you need to either pass the entrance exams, which are made by each individual faculty or to meet the requirements in SCIO tests (each faculty requires a different percentage). The entrance exam tests two different subjects – mathematics and a language. The university offers numerous bachelor (for 3 years) and master (for 2 years) study programmes, where you have the opportunity to extend the studies for up to one year for free. It’s also possible to acquire a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Finishing the programme usually takes three or four years.

What will you learn here?

There is a saying among Czech students “if you don’t know which university to select, go to VŠE”. It’s not because it’s easy, but mainly because VŠE offers a large variety of subjects in various economic spheres, so there is a large chance that you will find something that you like. Nonetheless, each faculty still specializes in slightly different spheres. Are you interested in accounting, banking or perhaps audit? Then the Faculty of finance and accounting should be your choice. There you will gain basic accounting knowledge, IFRS knowledge (accounting standards), basic understanding of banking systems and macroeconomics, with a slight touch of company-related subjects like analysis. Maybe you are not entirely a fan of banking systems, but languages are your forte? Then the Faculty of international relations is definitely the best option for you, as here the professors have the largest demands on languages and presenting coupled with macroeconomics. What can you do with all that? Work in an international company or be a diplomat!

Are you tired of endless theory with no practice? Then the Faculty of business administration will pleasantly surprise you because it offers a perfect balance between these two. Simultaneously, in this faculty you will be focusing on microeconomics the most. This means everything related to the company, such as accounting, finance management, employee management, law etc. Then there is the Faculty of informatics and statistics, which heavily focuses on IT, statistics, analysis and programming. However, these subjects are then combined with mathematics and economics. This means that the graduate will be able to put numbers into various statistics and analysis, which is essential for all companies. Well, up until now we had lots of private sector, but what about the public sector (e.g. public finance, political cycles, import and export of the country and more)? This is where the Faculty of economics comes into play, which heavily specializes in economics of the country. Aside the subjects mentioned above, you will get to study banking systems of the country, law, country’s interventions and many more. Sounds interesting right?

Dormitories and school canteens

The school owns three dormitory areas in Prague and one dormitory area in Jindřichův Hradec. In Prague, you will find two dormitories nearby VŠE building in Jižní Město (Vltava and Blanice), all five dormitories which are located in Jarov campus (University hotel, Palachova, Thalerova, Eislerova, and Jarov II. dormitory), and a smaller Roosevelt dormitory which is situated in Holešovice. Each respective dormitory has its pros and cons. It’s only up to you which one you find to be the most suitable for you. And we will gladly help you with that!

The university has their own school canteens, which are available for students and employees. The canteens are open at lunch and dinner hours. They are located in Žižkov, Jižní Město and Jarov. The canteen in Žižkov is the largest one, which is even divided into student’s canteen and employees canteen. In Jižní Město, there could be considered two canteens. The first one is situated directly in the VŠE building. The other school canteen, which can be found in Jižní Město and is rather popular among VŠE students, doesn’t actually belong to VŠE university, but to the University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT). That is also why the canteen is situated in the downstairs of Volha dormitory. As for the last canteen in Jarov campus, it’s a small cozy canteen which is located on the edge of the area.

Why to study VŠE?

It is a widely known fact that VŠE is one of the most prominent economics schools in Czechia, therefore the subjects aren’t lacking in any manner, however that’s not enough reason for you to choose this school now, is it? Then why should you choose it? First and foremost, the school offers a really large number of subjects in all economics spheres, so if you know that you want to study something related to economics, then you definitely can’t go wrong studying here.

Secondly, as students, if you are crafty enough, you can easily start a company with several of your friends you had met at VŠE, or get a part-time job in a company and use experience and knowledge you gained in VŠE this way. What we are trying to say is that here you don’t have to study years and years before you can start doing anything. Simply being creative is enough. Then there is the fact that the school offers a perfect balance between quality education and difficulty. Do you want to have a great college life while still actually being able to learn something? Then University of Economics is probably a right choice for you.

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Websites and Facebook pages every VŠE student should know

Before we begin please note that this is my subjective opinion and you don’t really have to agree with me. Next, I would like to point out that this article is mostly for Czech students as these websites are in Czech. Now without further ado let’s dive into it! If you read my previous article about VŠE things you should...

Things every VŠE freshman should know
Things every VŠE freshman should know

When I was a freshman, there were some really important things, which someone should have told me but didn’t. Unfortunately, I found that out when it was too late, therefore my first term at VŠE university was way more difficult than it should have been. Maybe you already know them, maybe not. Those who do not know this will be...

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